Katrina Louise Sandle is a creature of many interests and talents.  Like her mother before her, she likes to dabble all across the arts, and is presently a musician, author, designer of various fashion things, and amateur photographer. Having started…


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"When words become unclear I shall focus with photographs.  When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence."  ~Ansel Adams   [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="3" gal_title="Panoptic"] [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="2" gal_title="Urban Decay"] [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="4" gal_title="Noir"] [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="5" gal_title="Vibrance"] [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="6" gal_title="Potpourri"] [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="7"…

Katrina Louise Sandle